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Book an appointment for sample collection
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Please note! New address: Yliopistonkatu 15 B 16. Not completely barrier free. A few steps at the entrance.
Possible blood tests can be taken on a same visit.
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Select the laboratory tests you want (optional)
You can either select a single laboratory test or create your own package by selecting multiple tests. You can also add single tests to our premade laboratory packages. You can book an appointment for sample collection without selecting any tests in advance. If you select the tests during booking, the person collecting the sample will know right away which tests you are having.
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The service fee of 19,50 € and Kanta-fee of 2,5€ is added to the total price of the laboratory tests. You can have several laboratory tests taken during your visit.
Tests that require fasting are marked with an asterisk (*). They also have the letter f at the beginning of their name (for example fP-Gluk and fS-Col). For these tests, please book an appointment that starts before 12 o’clock. 
B -PVK+T - 2474
B -Perusverenkuva ja trombosyytit
28,70 €
ALAT (Alanine transaminase)
S -ALAT - 1026
S -Alaniiniaminotransferaasi
22,60 €
S -Ferrit - 1395
S -Ferritiini
31,40 €
S -Krea - 2143
S -Kreatiniini
24,80 €
*fP-Gluk - 1468
22 €
-CtGcNhO - 1738
-Chlamydia trachomatis ja Neisseria gonorrhoeae, n
59,80 €
 Cholesterol package (lipids, requires fasting)
*fS-Lipidit - 2245
40,80 €
S -K - 2001
S -Kalium
21,80 €
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