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Please note that depending on the part of your body being scanned, your symptoms or a possible doctor’s referral, an examination may need to be extensive or very extensive. Where the examination is extensive, 45 € is added to the price of a basic examination, and where the examination is very extensive, 90 € is added to the price of a basic examination.

The service fee of 19,50 € is added to the price.
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Ylävatsan ultraäänitutkimus
Ylävatsan UÄ - JN1AE
259 €
Pinnallisen patin ultraäänitutkimus
Pinnallisen resistenssin UÄ - QX3HE
259 €
Vatsan ultraäänitutkimus
Vatsan UÄ - JN3AE
299 €
Kaulan ultraäänitutkimus
Kaulan UÄ - EP1AE
259 €
Olkapään ultraäänitutkimus
Olkanivelen UÄ - NB1AE
259 €
Pehmytosan ultraäänitutkimus
Pehmytosan muu UÄ - QX2XE
259 €
Kilpirauhasen ultraäänitutkimus
Kilpirauhasen UÄ * - BA1AE
229 €
Virtsaelinten ultraäänitutkimus
Virtsaelinten UÄ - KH1AE
259 €
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